Sapsquatch Pure Maple Syrup

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Permaculture practitioner Josh Dolan founded Sapsquatch Pure Maple Syrup four years ago. A sugarmaker with an intimate connection to the land, he speaks of his passion:   “Table syrup is a sick joke. It’s full of GMOs, bad sugar, and it tastes like crap (I won’t even get into how racist Aunt Jemima is). Maple syrup comes from a tree and is guilt-free. There’s no question about whether there are some poor farmers working in slave-like conditions working in the cane fields of the Dominican Republic. In fact, maple got its first big boost from the abolitionists who would did not want to support British plantation sugar. You know that sugarmakers are doing it for the love of it. You also know that sugarmakers are probably taking pretty good care of their woods, because if they didn’t, they would be out of business. Health-wise, maple syrup is health wise. It is full of vitamins, minerals and amino-acids. There are over 50 beneficial compounds found in maple syrup, it has been used in anti-cancer treatments, dieting, and it’s ok for diabetics. I can’t think of another food with so much going for it!”