Mark Shepherd’s 106 acre permaculture farm in Viola, Wisconsin

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“If I help people to learn one thing, it is to do just that. Start with the idea, then make it real. If it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would, accept that feedback, re-think and re-do. There are no mistakes, there’s only feedback. Life and Permaculture are not spectator sports. And besides, If you don’t make the bridge from thinking to action, there are places for you in somebody else’s drama where you act and create their thoughts. You get the crumbs.   “The best way to learn how to build is to do it. Reading, blogging and going to workshops are fun and all that, but out here on planet earth, you build a shelter, or experience the consequences. How you get that shelter is up to you. You learn through actual feedback of hot, cold, wet and dry if you’ve done things well. You get to live and directly experience the results of your efforts.