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Our Story: A Forest Garden at a Health Clinic Bringing Free Nutrition to All!!

Meeting each other as members of the Syracuse Peace Council‘s Advisory Board, Magda Bayoumi and Frank Raymond Cetera hit upon a serendipitous endeavor to use Permaculture to grow healthy food outside of the newly developing Rahma Free Health Clinic.  Working through The Alchemical Nursery, a Syracuse nonprofit organization using Permaculture and Ecovillage methodologies to instill community regeneration.  They both said: “Let’s do it!”.

The Rahma Clinic is a new resource for Syracuse providing free health care services at 3100 South Salina St.  An important part of health is nutrition and healthy eating; it is a well known fact that the southside of Syracuse currently does not have a grocery store providing fresh produce and healthy food choices, and is commonly referred to as a food desert.  Young and old are often tasked with finding food options at local corner stores, which often specialize in pre-packaged sugar laden snacks and processed “foods”.  More healthy food options are needed for southside residents and visitors.

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