Indian craftsman creates non-electric clay refrigerator

Continuing his family traditional business of molding clay into pots and pans, Mansukhbhai Prajapati has created low-cost, patented clay refrigerators that need no electricity to preserve your drinks and eatables. Working on it for three years (2001-2004), he invested about Rs 1 million to bring his 20 kg (height:18.5’’ and width of 11’’) refrigerator into existence.

The refrigerator, which stores water, fruits and vegetables for 8 days, and milk for one day in its bottom unit, usually takes 10 people to make it in one day. The upper part of the refrigerator stores water. The clay fridges cost somewhere around Rs 2,500 in Gujarat – his home state. Bosch and Siemens Hausger te (BSH), Germany, has also showed interest in Mitticool.

via Mitticool: Indian craftsman creates clay refrigerator that works without electricity.