Building a Jean Pain Style Compost Pile to Create Heat

Chicagoland Permaculture Meetup and Living Off The Grid Meetup joined forces to build a compost pile that would provide heat for the grow beds of a greenhouse. Checkout their photos to see how easy it is assemble once you have straw and manure.

If you’re interested in more information, you can see the original inspiration for this project on YouTube: Jean Pain part 1 & part 2. Jean Pain extracted hot water from his 18′ diameter, 9ft high pile for 18 months. In the picture below you can see Jean, his methane storage tubes in foreground and the compost pile in the background. Peter Bane of the Permaculture Activist has also written a great article on Jean.

via Building a Jean Pain Style Compost Pile – Midwest PermacultureMidwest Permaculture.