Food Industry Named World’s Most Incompetent

In its effort to help giant corporations navigate the world’s complex uncertainties, KPMG’s report identifies ten “sustainability megaforces” that surefooted companies will need to anticipate and respond to.Nothing unexpected here, just the usual suspects when it comes to lists of things that any reasonably aware person knows about—more climate instability, less fuel, less water, less crucial manufacturing materials, fewer fish and other resources from natural ecosystems, more people, a bigger and more demanding middle class, bigger cities, less stable food production and prices, and smaller forests.The big surprise is that the food and beverage industry stands to be traumatized by any one of these megaforces—not to mention their combined impact—yet is a rogue actor when it comes to abusing resources, and is incompetent when it comes to managing the driving forces of future food security.

via Citywatch: Food Industry Named World’s Worst | Nourishing the Planet.