Oprah keeps chickens, so why can’t we?


The issue of urban hen farming is becoming a hot topic as more Canadians seek economic, ethical and environmental alternatives to industrialized food practices. Just as more urbanites are taking an interest in growing their own fruits and vegetables, there is also a renewed interest in keeping urban hens.

Paul Hughes is one of the people leading the charge.

A self proclaimed “food fighter” and founder of chicken raising club CLUCK, Hughes has been fighting a Calgary bylaw that prohibits “possessing and keeping livestock” within the city limits.

“I cannot buy an industrial egg anymore, I just know too much,” says Hughes. “I can have six pitbulls or 150 pigeons in Calgary, but I can’t have one egg producing hen.”

via Oprah keeps chickens, so why can’t we? The urban farming movement in Canada | Shine On – Shine from Yahoo! Canada.