iPermie! How To Permaculture Your Urban Lifestyle

This book offers a comprehensive, holistic view of the signs of these times and lays out a path towards a better way ot living that can be accessed by anyone with the will to do some thinking, observing, and planning.

This book is about hope – it’s about how we can create self-fulfilling prophecies of a better world, where we care for people, care for the planet, and have a care for the future.

This book is about empowerment. Far too many of us feel powerless in the face of the gigantic forces at work in this world. We don’t understand the power we retain within and we certainly don’t want to trust ourselves.

This book will help you understand that everything that you need is already within you. Sure, you may need some details, skills, and etc., but you already have the most important things you need for the future. We begin our journey as you and I learn to trust ourselves.

This book is not a litany of scary stories. It has a few — everyone likes a little adrenalin rush now and then — but that’s not the theme. Permaculture can help you design your life so that you will experience more beauty, health, happiness, freedom, security, and cooperation, with less work, consumption, injustice, conflict, stress, danger, and waste.

excerpt from the introduction of iPermie! How To Permaculture Your Urban Lifestyle.