Uninvited From TEDx Manhattan: An Open Letter

Once I got over the disappointment and the blow to my ego, I was able to really get to the crux of why this “disinvitation” upset me. As a single mother, growing her own business and organization I am very much used to rejection. I am not at all naive to the fact that I will hear more “no’s” then “yes’s” and that sometimes opportunities will be lost. This was different. This is what many of my foodies and food comrades committed to equality talk about. The reality is that many of the leaders in the work to create a more equitable food system are usually, white and affluent. People of color and historically marginalized folks are generally looked at as recipients of service or as community “partners”. We are invited to add to the diversity of presenters but generally, the message we bring about radical change is ignored. The “partnership” we are offered is too often at the convenience of the mainstream organization and there is no accountability to the grassroots organization.

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