Hablitzia tamnoides: Cold weather perrenial spinach vine

The Spinach Vine is a native of the Caucasus Mountains where it thrives in dappled forest sunlight. The growing season is short, the winters polar bear cold at higher elevatons. It is there that this wild edible vine takes advantage of every no-frost day to put on a fine display of edible leaves. Young leaves are heart shaped, older leaves more arrow shaped.

Closely related to Chenopodiums — Lamb’s Quarters, Fat Hen — it’s edible raw or cooked. That makes it a hot item in vegetable gardens and permaculture plans particularly in cooler climates.

Not surprisingly this wild edible is a cultivated sensation in Scandinavia… In the northern growing season the Spinach Vine will manage nine to twelve feet of bushy growth.

via Spinach Vine | Eat The Weeds and other things, too.